Glue Store

  • ClientProfile Portal
  • RoleUX/UI Designer

The Challenge

Profile Portal provides a full toolkit for brands to deliver delightful omni-channel experiences. I was tasked with creating an intuitive customer interface and pattern library to guide the standardisation across the whole profile portal portfolio.

My Role

I was lead UX/UI designer on this project. All sketching and high fidelity, interactive prototypes were designed by myself. In addition, I collaborated with the profile portal team across all iterations of the portal.

All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Profile Portal or Glue Store.

Research Methods

UI Design

Journey mapping


Usability testing

How might we turn profile portal into a habit-forming product?


Users who continuously find value in a product are more likely to form habit engagement and tell their friends about it. From the outset, we recognised the value in creating a product that offered meaning, and a prime position on a users phone. To do this successfully, we need to make sure opportunities were created to encourage people to visit profile portal whenever they were shopping.

Features we heavily researched and explored included:

• Progressive Profiling
• Actionable questions for valuable data
Your Edit (items curated to you)
• Preference management
• Notification and wallet opportunities
• Reservations and bookings
• Weather curation

Glue Sore style guide layout including colour and font options