• ClientChampion
  • RoleUX Designer

I was lead user experience designer to drive navigation and taxonomy for Champion, one of the leading sportswear brands in Australia.

The Challenge

During redevelopment of the Champion site, we realised exit and bounce rates were higher than the average for key categories. After a site-wide heuristic evaluation, it was clear the navigation required some attention.


• Alleviate the frictions to purchase for our shoppers
• Make the shopping journey easy and painless
• Showcase our product offering more effectively

All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Champion.

Research Methods

Card Sorting

Journey mapping

Workshop Facilitation

Data Analysis

Research findings and insights

A qualitative card sorting exercise was organised with 6 participants that haven’t shopped on the site before. The group was asked to sort and group cards (that were based on a Champion product list) in a way that made sense to them. The group also renamed, moved and removed navigational items that didn’t make sense, or were over-categorised/repeated. This was performed on Mens and Womens categories.

After the logical order was decided, this was reverse engineered via a tree tested and lately given to a SEO specialist. Relabelling from the card sorting workshop were the renamed in line with top SEO keywords from street/activewear shoppers globally, and within Australia.

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