• ClientBonds
  • RoleUX Designer

I was lead user experience designer on a project to design an array of bundling products for our apparel and homewares brands.

The Challenge

Research shows that our users respond well when funnelled to other meaningful products. We want to make this journey even easier for our users and encourage bundle purchasing with minimum clicks to purchase.

My Role

I led the redesign of the product bundling. All research, sketching and prototyping were conducted by myself. In addition, I worked alongside developers and a product team

My Goals

• Increase average basket size across 5% of transactions by one additional basket item.
• Streamline the journey by limiting complication and clicks.
• Increase thirst for inspiration and brand loyalty

• Ensure Bundling and up-sell opportunities are accessible and clearly highlighted on Mobile as well as desktop.

All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Bonds.

Research Methods



Data Analysis

Usability Testing

The Problem

Data from Google Analytics showed there is a higher than average CTR on relatable PDP up-sells. We want to make this even easier for our users and feature opportunities that allow buying bundles with minimum effort and clicks to purchase.

The Opportunity

Inspiring, relatable product set-up is an integral part of the success of bundling. We can also leverage key looks that have been shot specifically to promote styled looks for the season where possible to inspire our users to add additional items to their basket.


“All my Shop the Look suggestions are Sold Out!”

“Only 1 part of my order has arrived?!”

Does the user get to see an alternative product option?

What is the shipment process for Split Shipments? How do we ensure Split shipments are mitigated?

Configurable Option: Select two options to create a set. The Price that shows on the listing page is the combined price of the cheapest SET (i.e price of top and undies).
Enhanced Shop/Complete the Look:
Add to bag functionality on Detail page to reduce excessive clicks to purchase. Option to select additional colours from a user initiated pop-up.

Enhanced Shop/Complete the Look variation 2:
For items including many different shapes of matching undies, we can show the cheapest combination

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